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Auvergne Express Tour

Sidecar rides & Trail Hiking

Auvergne Tour-Express offers 2 options:

On board an original and vintage vehicle

express sidecar rides, The Sioule valley, The lake route,

The road of magic stones and well

yet another.

Trail hikes, which consist of a small group of trail motorcycles, discovering the region via small crossroads and paths.

Live an authentic experience discovering the Auvergnat and Boubonnais terroir in our company, with the formula that suits you.
Offers on request are also possible, such as transporting your loved one and yourself in a sidecar for your wedding!

the Auvergne Tour Express sidecar
the Auvergne Tour Express motorcycle

Escape far from the beaten track...

Responsive customer service

24/7 reservation

online on the site

Secure payment

Payment by credit card or PAYPAL

secure on site

Secure equipment

For each ride, mandatory safety equipment will be provided to you.

(helmet and glove)

Our Sidecar rides

going on vacation in Vichy-activity for two-walk in Auvergne
Vichy holiday-going out in Auvergne-Auvergne activity
stroll on vacation - what to do in Auvergne - going out in summer

Our sidecar rides for the day

Our Trail Hiking walks

Image de Louis Endelicher

“France is Auvergne with something around it.”

Desire to escape ? contact us!

Merci pour votre demande nous allons vous répondre au plus vite !

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